Quiz: Which Anime is better, TV, movies, or Both?

    How did everyone feel about the Avengers thing? The more I think about it, the less I like it. I don't think any of the Avengers die. That's what makes these movies great, the good guys always win. Now I think Avengers 4 ends with Tony's wedding, and him retiring. I don't think he has to die, and they can save him for later movies. I also think that I have spent too much time talking about superhero movies. And so for this article, I would like to talk about the future of the movie business. 
    Once the superhero thing has run its' course, which like Tom Brady's career, has fewer years ahead than behind, and both make me cry :'( . As much as I am looking forward to Avengers 4, I know it's going to be a jumping off point for a lot of fans. It's going to be a massive crossover event of the summer, like comicbooks do, and like comicbooks, this event will try to correct continuity errors, change hero lineups, and reset the comicbook universe. A lot of the old heroes are going to die/retire and I think Marvel will lose some fans. DC has already lost all of the fans, and superhero fatigue might become a real thing? 
    Hollywood has always had phases. Starting with Film Noir, then westerns, then Steven Spielbergs. Once the superhero phase is done, the movie world will adjust to the next generation's form of nerdy nostalgia, anime and/or video game movies.  
    Japan has started making live action anime movies over the past few years, and most of those look like shit. I think America had only tried it once, with that terrible Dragonball movie starring the douchebag from Shameless. Until, last year with the live action Ghost in the Shell movie. Besides missing the entire point of the original film, they did do a great job of putting an anime movie realistically on to film, or at least on to a digital ether. My point is that you can blend the cyber-punk, the seductive-tentacle, the disproportionate body standards, the Nicholas Cage over the top emoji reactions, the shooting star background with heroic posing peace signs, and translate it into a live action version that stays true the source fantasy. But to do it effectively, Hollywood will have to update thier form in order to function. 
    The next big change to film will be to combine TV and movies. The MCU is really close to doing this already. The agents of SHIELD ties into the greater MCU movie universe. I'm also still holding out hope that Game of Thrones will be the first one to actually do it. the last season of GoTs is only "supposed" to be 7 episodes long. I was really hoping that, at comic-con this year, they were going to announce that the final episode of GoTs was going to be released at movies theaters and have the show end with a two-ish hour long big ass IMAX movie.  That hasn't happened yet, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
    This idea has been talked about a lot in Hollywood recently. When The Dark Tower was in development, Stephen King wanted to start with a big action movie to start the story then move to the small screen to dive deeper into the characters and their backstories. Denis Villeneuve is developing a new Dune adaptation, and word on the internet is that he has a similar plan for Frank Hubert's world, to use both big screen movies and serialized small screens to tell one epic story. I think this is the future of film, and Anime is perfect to fit into this form. 
    Let's start with DragonBall Z. You start out on the small screen, with Goku landing on earth, and training, and finding out about the DragonBalls, and you get to the start of the world tournament and finish the season with epic martial arts fights on the big screen. In the post-credits scene or end of the movie, you tease that Piccolo is coming by killing Krillin. Next season starts back at the small screen and you see Goku training to fight Piccolo and getting the DragonBalls to wish Krillin back. When the second movie starts, they wish Krillin back, and then a big movie for the big fight between Goku and Piccolo. At the end of the movie you setup the other Saiyans arrival. 
    DragonBall is perfect for this in a lot of ways. Each season of the original show just builds to the next big fight, and the end of every fight sets up the next big fight. Doing this in a live-action remake makes it easier for people who only want to watch the movies. They know who the next villain is going to be, the characters remain the same, and if people want to skip the filler, they can, and the ongoing story will still make sense to them. For the diehard fans, they will get all the backstory they want, plus the epic big screens fights. When I rewatch DragonBall Z now, I skip right to the big fights. Usually Frieza or Goku vs. Cell, which I'm pretty sure Goku could have won, but that's for a different post. I would love it if I could just pop on a movie version of those fights. 
    Another Anime franchise that would be perfect for this style is Full Metal Alchemist. This is my quick pitch. 
    You start with a massive big screen version of the Ishvalan War. Just open the movie with a big open pan of Alchemists blowing a warzone apart. Roy Mustang burning down a whole building. An enemy soldier tries to attack him from behind when Hawkeye takes his head off from a clock tower. Armstrong is at the bottom of the tower fist fighting about 20-ish dudes with no shirt on. Then the Crimson Alchemist jumps in and destroys the rest of the standing buildings with one attack. All around them, the streets are filled with rubble and dead Ishvalan people, including women and children. 
    It cuts over to the tiny Elric brothers playing in a field with their mom as Hohenheim walks off in the background. the whole movie cuts back and forth between the Ishvalan Genocide and the Elric Brother's mom getting sicker and sicker. We get to see Scar's brother die and Scar rip his arm off and reattach it to himself. The more I type about Full Metal, the more a understand that it's SUPER METAL. I would have the movie end with the genocide of a nation and the state Alchemists feeling shitty. Then the final scene in the movie is the brothers trying to bring their mother back to life. 
    After the big opening movie, you could move to the small screen and follow the brothers on their adventures trying to find a philosopher's stone. Do the whole Chimera thing and make the kids cry. Do some Fifth laboratory stuff. Once you get to the murder of Lt. Hughes, you can go back to the big screen. You could make it a whole 70s spy espionage thriller, with the state Alchemist tracking down the killer, Lust,  and the other Homunculi. For a big finale, end with Mustang burning Lust to ash. Maybe have Edwin go through the truth portal too. 
    I'm a little rusty on my Full Metal history, but I think I have made a point, maybe? I also might have just written terrible fanfiction again. I think once someone does this effectively, and it makes all the money, this will be the future of film. Imagine how much money HBO would make on the box office of Game of Thrones Finale being in a movie theater. It probably doesn't have the international reach of Marvel or Star Wars, but it would destroy any domestic box office record. People clearly love these long epic adventure movies/TV with binge-watching culture and the way people show up for every chapter of the MCU film novel. Officially combining small screen and big screen film will be the perfect niche in a massive market. 
    I think the only problem would making cinema this way is the work schedule. Imagine going from shooting a blockbuster movie and then straight into shooting a TV series. The contracts and negotiations to keep ALL the cast and crew together is going to cost a lot of money, and people are going to get burnt out. If you cast the right crew through, it would make all the money.
    And if you remember, earlier on in this thing, I mentioned movies based on video games, and with the exception of the Resident Evil movies, but also including the Resident Evil movies, they have all been shit. For my next trick, I am going to write a video game movie in the style described in here. 

let me know what you think!


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Avengers 4ever!

    How is everyone coping with the presidency? How is everyone else dealing with the sense of dread they get when they look at the weather report and can see the noticeable change in climate? How does everyone feel about the giant island of congealed plastic floating around the Pacific ocean? I feel bad, but I can't eat this Ultra Carmel Frappuccino from Starbucks with my fingers, better get the jumbo straw. 
    People deal with their problems in different ways, and as for me, I like to escape this reality by diving deep into this MCU fantasy. I am way past fandom and I am now straight onto fanatic, to the point where I now own all the movies on BluRay solely to listen to the director's commentaries. Damn it feels good to be single AF.  I grew up on blockbuster movies (which I think should be referred to as Spielbergs) and comics, and each time I sit down in the theater to watch a Marvel movie for the first time, I get the same excitement that 8-year-old Pickles got when he held the Kodak VHS tape that contained the original Star Wars movies, recorded off the TV. 
    The release of these movies has set the rhythm for my free time. I watch one, get to talk about it for a month, predict the next movie for another month, and then anxiously wait a month for the next one to come out. And even though just about every single one of my ideas are wrong, I still love to bullshit about it, and that my friends, is what this article is about; Avengers 4...sight, 4told, Avengers foretold..... bad puns, it's about bad puns. 
Let's start with the last Avengers flick. 
    Fuck Chris Pratt, right? 
    They had the glove, but he had to slap Dwayne the purple- steroid-infused- Rock Johnson (they used all the good Thanos jokes in the movie) across the face and it fucks the whole thing up. Obviously, this is part of Dr. Strange's Plan. He says "It was the only way" as turns to dust in the wind. I don't understand why this is an internet fan theory. This IS the only way the Avengers win, Duh. Didn't everyone get that the first time through, I did, and I went to community college? Dr. Strange states that there is only one way to win and as he dies says it again, he clearly wanted all of this to happen, which brings us to the end of Antman.
    But before that, a quick piece for Marc Bernardin. Mr. Bernardin, I am a very big fan of the things you write and say, but you are wrong on this one. On Fatman on Batman (which is my favorite podcast) Marc says the love between Star Lord and Gamora isn't setup correctly in the movies and he doesn't believe in their love. The best way I can sum up my feelings on these two characters is like this; both these characters are badasses, and if either Gamora, or Star Lord, was being lowered down into the carbonite pit, they would both say "I Know" to the other one. Imagine if Han Solo was in a relationship with another Han Solo. There would be no PDA with that couple. They'd either be fucking or fighting. Star Lord and Gamora are totally in love. (didn't think you'd read that in a comic book article did you?) If Star Lord had been killed by Thanos, Gamora would have reacted the same way in the same situation. I think it's because Marc grew up in a loving household and understands how healthy relationships are supposed to work, I, however, come from a different style of rearing, and completely understand unhealthy relationships, much like the characters in the film. Both characters were stolen at a young age and raised by space pirates and I'm sure they didn't hear "I love you" very often, and they brought that same mentality into their adult relationships. They are not going to very open about their relationship. My point Mr. Bernardin is that they totally head over heels for each other and it started in the first GOTG movie. They are banging, and they are making little guardians of the galaxy. 
    Anyways, back to how Dr. Strange needed Thanos to snap his fingers precisely at that moment, and how it relates to Antman. During the mid-credits scene from Antman, we see Antman stuck in the quantum realm because all the Pyms become dust in the wind. Keep in mind the family had just been reunited after 20ish years apart, dick move, Fiege, dick move. To get out of this realm, Antman is going to figure out how to time travel/ jump dimensions using some subatomic exposition bullshit. And I have two different ending depending on whether its' time travel or different dimensions. But first, let's talk about the things I want to see in the movie first. 
    I'm excited for Nick Fury to meet the Black Panther. It's the blackest motherfucker from the 90s meeting the millennial version of the blackest man in movies. Do you think they have Samuel L Jackson kneel to the king of Wakanda? Does he slap him across the face and ask where has Wakanda been during the past 250 years of slavery and oppression? Is it racist that a white kid from NH thinks this is a big moment in Black pop culture? Anyway it goes down, it will offend someone, because of America in 2018, and I'm glad I don't have to write that scene. 
    Thor deserves to have a good day. Out of all the Avengers, Thor has lost the most, and mostly everything. His mom dies in the Dark World. His brother fucks him over all the time. His dad dies. His sister takes over his planet and he has to blow it up to save it. His brother stops being a dick, tries to save Thor, and ends up dying. Then the big purple monster blows up the remaining members of his race. Plus, I think his girlfriend broke up with him? With the ending of Infinity War, I think they are setting up to kill off all the OG Avengers and have all the new Avengers take over. Ironman, Cap, and Thor are going to offed in the next movie. I hope Thor either goes out like the fucking god he is or, instead of dying, he goes into retirement as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and solves mysteries in a van with a rabbit and a tree. He needs a win. 
    The most biggest thing I am looking forward to seeing is the Captain America, Ironman reunion. I'm gonna cry. But before I can get into the Cap Iron reunion, I have to explain my ending theories. 
    First, the one I don't like. 
    In this version, Antman learns how to hop into different dimensions. Captian Marvel, with the remaining Avengers, are strong enough to keep Thanos distracted while Scott uses his newfound skills to phase into the Soul Stone. The stone contains the souls of all the people killed when Thanos snapped his fingers.  He conducts a cosmetic level jailbreak and releases all the lost heroes and people, but also somehow awakens the Adam Warlock we saw at the end of GOTG 2. All the Avengers team up again, there is a massive space battle with every character in the MCU. Captian Marvel and Adam Warlock sit on the sidelines, like Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer do in the book, waiting for the Marvel gods to show up. Thanos ends up getting spanked and the glove goes to Adam Warlock for protection and everyone is happy. however, the OG Avengers probably die in the fight and the new Avengers take over. The post credit scene is Antman talking about how there are millions of different dimensions, but he calls the current dimension the 616, because it took him six hundred and sixteen tries to get back to the right one.... credits....or black screen, because it's post-credits.
    Meh, it's ok, it' be cooler if Marvel had the Silver Surfer. 
    Now, for the good ending. 
    Tony Stark makes his way back to earth in the GOTGs ship. He meets up with the Avengers. Ironman meets Cap and they cry, and I cry, and Kevin Smith can be heard crying from east coast to west coast. Tony looks Steve in the eyes and says to him:

"You were right. You were always right. I have been trying to fix everything by myself. I killed a kid. Peter died because of me. I broke the Avengers apart trying to save the world alone. We could have stopped this if I listened to you, and we did it your way, together." 

    Or something like that, but better. The point is Tony fucked up, but he knows how to fix it. He pulls up Friday in the Avengers tower computer and tells her to search for codename AT-AT. The signal from the homing device Tony put on Scott while he was in prison is very small, but coming from somewhere over the Hudson River. Tony puts on his newest going out suit and flies over the river but finds nothing. Friday scans the area and finds a van registered to Hank Pym. Tony flies down and opens the back of the van. After Friday and Tony figure out what the machine is, they are able to pull Scott out of the Quantum Realm. They bring Antman back to Avengers Tower, where he explains that he knows how to time travel using the Quantum Realm, but only has enough energy for him and one other person to use it. 
    The Avengers decide to send everyone they can to fight Thanos in space, while Tony and Scott travel back in time to the end of Avengers 1. They arrive in the middle of the Battle for New York. The portal Loki created is still open and Friday tells Tony that the warhead has launched and is heading into the city. Meanwhile, the space battle between the Avengers and Thanos starts and they have to keep Thanos distracted so he can't use the Time Stone to see what Tony is doing. Antman and Ironman fight their way across the battlefield to reach Captian America. 

"Tony, where'd you get the new suit and I thought you were going after the bomb?" 

"  I was.... I am. There's two of me..... I'm from the future." 

"Now isn't a good time to play games, Tony." 

"OK, let me start over. We're going to stop Thanos."

"Who the heck is Thanos?" 

    Tony explains his plan. He needs Captian America to come with him through the portal to stop the end of half the world. Thor and Hulk need to stay behind because they are the only two strong enough to capture Loki and then close the portal. Antman needs to return to the future so they can find out if the plan works, and if it doesn't, he can reset the timeline a try again. Before Antman travels forward in time, Tony hands him a disc in case he doesn't make it back. Steve hops on Tony's back and they fly to the top of Stark Tower, grab Loki's Scepter, and wait for OG Ironman to fly through the portal with the nuke. They watch as he clips the side of the tower with the bomb on his back and they follow him into space. As the portal collapses, OG Ironman falls out of the sky and it cuts back to the Thanos battle in space. Captian America is barking orders at the other Avengers as he starts to fade away...
    Tony and Steve float through space. The Ironman nano-tech suit has made a space suit for Cap. Friday searches for signs of life. The dead Chitauri army hovers all around them. They pick up a signal and head towards it. Drifting in the middle of what looks like an asteroid field is a giant purple man sitting on a stone throne. 
    Back to the battle against Thanos, and  Captain Marvel has taken over command. Scarlet Witch puts up a shield wall to save Thor from an attack, but she starts to fade away like Cap did. 
    Captian America gets off Tony's back holding his shield, Loki's scepter, and a little Nanotech space mask around his face. Thanos spins around in his stone chair.

"Tony Stark, another man cursed with knowledge. I didn't plan to meet you so soon."

"Oh, we've met before Thanos, and I'm here to make sure we never meet  again." 

"You brought the stone back to me, that wasn't a wise decision." 

"I think you'll like what I've done to it."

"Well, I didn't come here to talk," says Cap as he throws his shield at Thanos' head. Thanos catches the shield with one hand.

"You'd live longer if...." Tony blasts the shield hitting Thanos in the face and cutting him off mid-sentence. The three of them start fighting for the fate of half the universe. Cap uses the scepter like a WWII machine gun firing at Thanos' feet while Tony attacks him from above. Steve rolls over to his shield and throws it into Thanos' back. It ricochets back to Ironman who tosses it back at Thanos' head. Cap catches the rebound and tosses it to Tony, who uses the suits jets to discus throws it back at Thanos. 

"You know, it is a lot better to be on this side of this shield volleyball attack," says Tony as shield hurtles towards Thanos. 

"What do you mean?" asks Steve, but Thanos catches the shield and rips it in half with both hands. 

"If you two are done, I'll take my stone back," says Thanos as he confidently throws the shield pieces to the ground. The two heroes go on the attack again, but this time Thanos isn't playing around and they are quickly overwhelmed. Thanos grabs Ironman by the foot and slams him to the ground. Steve runs in and tries to stab Thanos in the heart with the scepter. Thanos grabs Cap by the neck as he runs in and slams him on the ground next to Tony. He rips the scepter from his hands and tries pull the stone out. 

Tony looks over at Steve. "You know, I think my dad was right about you. I'm sorry I ever disagreed with you."

"Tony, I've only known you for a few hours." 

"True, and I'm sorry this you didn't get to know me better because I'm kind of a big deal." Tony flips open a computer on his forearm, Predator style, and the stone in Thanos' hand starts to beep. "But I think we knew this was a one-way trip." 

Steve smiles "what do you mean, I could do this all...." the stone explodes in Thanos' hand wiping out the entire asteroid belt they had been fighting on. 
    Cut back to OG Ironman falling through the portal. He is unconscious, but in his hand is a yellow stone with a note that says
    "DO NOT plug this into a computer. Give it to the Wizard, He'll keep it safe."  
    Hulk is smashing the portal machine and doesn't notice Ironman falling. Thor is chasing Loki through Stark Tower. Hawkeye watches helplessly as OG Ironman falls into the pavement. Tony Stark dies and he and Steve Rodgers are remembered as the heroes of New York. Credits roll.
    Post credit scene - Antman arrives in the future to see a different cast of Avengers, but everyone is alive except for Tony, Steve, and Wanda. Scott puts the disc Tony give him in the computer at Avengers tower. After a few minutes, Tony's voice can be heard through the speakers. 
    "If you can hear this, then I am died, but not gone...." 

    So, that got WAY more fan-fictiony then I wanted, but DAMN did I have fun. 
    Antman is definitely going to time travel and they are going to call this movie Avengers 4ever, which is a play on an Avengers time travel book, Avengers Forever, and that is why that haven't released the name of the fourth movie yet. (This is the only real prediction in here and yes I totally intentionally brought the story back around to bad 4 puns.)
    If you're going to kill off Ironman, you have to do it at the end of Avengers 1. That portal fucked up Tony Stark. He has been paranoid ever since. It caused him to make Ultron. It caused him to split up the Avengers.
          If you are going to time travel, and if you are going to kill Tony Stark, you have to let him go back through that portal and correct whatever insecurities he has from it, so he can rest at peace. 
`    I also think Chris Evans is done with the superhero thing. Having both of them go through the portal, jump on figurative grenades to save half the world, and dying in each other arms, is some great poetic fanboy service. 
    I'm sure none of the stuff I wrote about here will ever come to pass. And I'm sure once I see Captain Marvel, I'll have a whole new ending. Mostly because right now, I'm not sure how she fits into Avengers 4ever, besides being strong AF. So please let me know what I got wrong because I will clearly talk about this shit all day long to anyone that will listen, or read.







    I didn’t want to be political. But, I can’t stand the feeling of dread I get every time I read or listen to the news. I’m done insulting Trump on the internet. I’m done seeing slightly racist memes on Facebook. And I’m done starting internet fights to sway someone’s opinion. So, I have decided to share my personal experience in the hopes it will be a more effective way to promote change.  

    As a person who may, or may not have, knowingly hired illegal immigrants, I would like to clear up a few things. First, is the fact that immigrants don’t pay taxes. Usually, to get a fake Social Security number they take one from someone who is dead. This works to get through most payroll software. Taxes are then deducted from their paycheck like everyone else. However, at the end of the year, most of them do not file their taxes, because they don’t want a paper trail leading back to them. In a way, they are overpaying their taxes, because they never file for their returns. They do not sign up for welfare benefits, because they do not have a valid social security number and they do not want a paper trail leading back to them. They do not vote in elections because they don’t want a paper trail leading back to them for DHS to follow. They also do not get driver’s licenses, because they do not want a paper trail leading to them for DHS to follow. Basically anytime anyone would ask them for an SS number, they are going to avoid that thing. Applying for an apartment, car loan, or even a credit card is extremely difficult. Also every time they buy stuff, they are charged sales tax, a lot of ways they make more money for the US and US states.

    Speaking of buying shit, from an economic standpoint, I don’t think people understand how helpful and necessary immigrants are. Our economy is based on people buying shit. The more people you have, the more shit they have to buy and the better the economy does. Des Moines has blown up in the past decade because of immigrants. In the 90s Clinton made Iowa and Kansas City take in all of the Bosnian refugees. Today, those refugees have kids and those kids and their parents buy lots of shit. All this shit buying has made a lot of companies invest in real estate and other businesses in Des Moines. So now, even rich east coast people buy lots of shit in Iowa. 

    Most of the economic booms in American history credits a wartime mass production economy as the cause. However, these are also times of massive emigration to America. During the Civil War, the potato famine in Ireland caused literal boatloads of Irish citizens to come to America. During WWII, literal boatloads of Jews and refugees were escaping Nazis and the war in Europe and came to America. Smarter people than me could argue that the surge in the population was the actual cause of the economic booms that coincided with these wars. And I'm sure all of these immigrants had proper documentation when they arrived here. 

    My father recently shared a meme on facebook stating that our ancestors came here legally and adopted the culture, or some other racist bullshit propaganda. Keep in mind, that this is a man that learned French from his grandparents as a boy, and I believe he was the fifth generation after his great-great-grandparents immigrated from Canada. It took our family five generations to adopt American culture and stop using French at home. Also from 1850-ish to 1960-ish, the whole west side of Manchester spoke French. Its crazy how fast people forget their own history. You really think people in New Hampshire were excited when a bunch of Canadians showed up to take their jobs working in the mills? You really think they all had green cards? Until 9/11, people didn't even need a passport to cross the Canadian border.

    At the end of the day, people are people. People have been doing the same things for thousands of years, no imaginary lines on a map are going to stop them. They are going to do what is best to survive and for their family to survive. I loved all the Mexican and Nepali girls I have had the pleasure of working with. They had no problem cleaning up piss, shit, vomit, condoms or any other mess and they did it with a smile on their face because they were in America. They could be free. This is the type of nationalism the right needs to adopt.  

    I worked with a man who survived a genocide and came to America. He started as a housekeeper, went to college, got an MBA, and became a regional hotel manager. When that man talks about America and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time as his plane started to land in NYC, his eyes start to water. This should make you proud to be an American. Not the fact that we won World War 2, 80 years ago, and that we think we are better than the rest of the world. You should be proud of the fact that people come here for a better life. Proud of the fact that anyone who comes here and works their ass off, can become someone. 

    Trump's grandfather came here and started a whorehouse, but he made enough money for his son to start a construction company. Three generations later, his grandson becomes fucking president. I hate pretty much everything Trump represents, but even I respect that. Imagine what Trump's grandfather thought when he saw the Statue of Liberty from the boat as he sailed into NYC. A giant fucking statue that says;


Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!


And what would he think about his grandson wanting to build the second monument that basically says;


You're all a bunch of rapists and murders! Go the fuck home!


    I think he'd be fine with it. Only white dudes from Europe should be allowed in, no brown people, right? 

People like Trump have been using the tactic for votes for generations. It started in Jim Crowe era. Pinning poor white people and poor black people against each other. After the Civil War and the South was in a huge recession, politicians were basically like freed black people caused this, they took your job! Trump used the same thing. As blue-collar manufacturing jobs went overseas, or were lost to automation, or closed to save the environment, Trump blames immigrants for taking the good jobs. And uneducated white dudes buy into this shit because uneducated people are dumb AF. Trump built his brand as for "rich people only", and poor white people think he actually cares about them. He just wanted to get himself a bunch of tax breaks and destroy the EPA so he can build condos in swamplands. Keep the poor people fighting amongst themselves so rich people can stay rich. 

But what do I know? 

    I would like to take this time to reiterate that this whole article is based on my own personal experience. I'm not entirely sure there are facts in here. This is the scariest part of Trumps administration. All the misinformation he spreads with his "fake news" bullshit. Trump is greatest used car salesmen of all-time and he manipulates facts by discrediting every news site besides FOX and spreading half-truths and straight up lies. So now every crazy ass FB meme seems like a fact to everyone's drunk uncle. I've seen ones that say we give 13 billion dollars a year to Mexico to prevent illegal immigration. Like, WTF, is Aunt Sharon white girl wasted on wine again?

    I'm sure there are a bunch of people on left making up just as much bullshit. And the fact is that statistically, this is the safest time to be alive.  War, crime, sickness are all at all-time lows and that is the only thing that gives me some comfort. The point being that we should always be working to make America the best country it can be FOR EVERYONE, and Trump isn't that guy. He divides people and thinks he can make jobs by destroying the planet. If you want to make America great again, there is no again, it can’t go backwards, only forwards. 







Welcome to the PicklePirate website!

I have been thinking about doing this for years now. I half-ass tired to do this a few years ago, but now I am balls deep.... and have to find a way to pay for this iMac. A few years ago, several friends and I started a podcast to bitch about movies and other general life concerns. I hope to start that again, along with other ideas. 
More specifically, I wrote a book a few years and I have been trying to find the right way to release it on to the world. I suck at writing and releasing it as a book would never fly. I originally wanted it to be a comic book, but a can't find an artist to willingly to draw a whole book for free. The pipe-dream would be to make it a movie, but that will never happen. However, since some of my favorite movies of all time are based on serials, I think it will work as a radio/podcast serial. My cheesy, shitty writing, SHOULD work better in this medium, plus no one can see all my grammatical mistakes.  
In an effort to improve those mistakes, as well as possessing a Catholic sense of masochistic learning, I will be trying to release one article a week on random subjects that I want to talk about. I am going to try and avoid politics, but I also want my fake internet aias to be on the correct side of history. The first piece should be up this Wednesday, and it is going to be about the HUGE monument to racism, Donald Trump's wall. 
Please let me know what I suck at, what I'm good at, what you wanna see, what you'd like to change, or just tell me to fuck off.