Quiz: Which Anime is better, TV, movies, or Both?

    How did everyone feel about the Avengers thing? The more I think about it, the less I like it. I don't think any of the Avengers die. That's what makes these movies great, the good guys always win. Now I think Avengers 4 ends with Tony's wedding, and him retiring. I don't think he has to die, and they can save him for later movies. I also think that I have spent too much time talking about superhero movies. And so for this article, I would like to talk about the future of the movie business. 
    Once the superhero thing has run its' course, which like Tom Brady's career, has fewer years ahead than behind, and both make me cry :'( . As much as I am looking forward to Avengers 4, I know it's going to be a jumping off point for a lot of fans. It's going to be a massive crossover event of the summer, like comicbooks do, and like comicbooks, this event will try to correct continuity errors, change hero lineups, and reset the comicbook universe. A lot of the old heroes are going to die/retire and I think Marvel will lose some fans. DC has already lost all of the fans, and superhero fatigue might become a real thing? 
    Hollywood has always had phases. Starting with Film Noir, then westerns, then Steven Spielbergs. Once the superhero phase is done, the movie world will adjust to the next generation's form of nerdy nostalgia, anime and/or video game movies.  
    Japan has started making live action anime movies over the past few years, and most of those look like shit. I think America had only tried it once, with that terrible Dragonball movie starring the douchebag from Shameless. Until, last year with the live action Ghost in the Shell movie. Besides missing the entire point of the original film, they did do a great job of putting an anime movie realistically on to film, or at least on to a digital ether. My point is that you can blend the cyber-punk, the seductive-tentacle, the disproportionate body standards, the Nicholas Cage over the top emoji reactions, the shooting star background with heroic posing peace signs, and translate it into a live action version that stays true the source fantasy. But to do it effectively, Hollywood will have to update thier form in order to function. 
    The next big change to film will be to combine TV and movies. The MCU is really close to doing this already. The agents of SHIELD ties into the greater MCU movie universe. I'm also still holding out hope that Game of Thrones will be the first one to actually do it. the last season of GoTs is only "supposed" to be 7 episodes long. I was really hoping that, at comic-con this year, they were going to announce that the final episode of GoTs was going to be released at movies theaters and have the show end with a two-ish hour long big ass IMAX movie.  That hasn't happened yet, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
    This idea has been talked about a lot in Hollywood recently. When The Dark Tower was in development, Stephen King wanted to start with a big action movie to start the story then move to the small screen to dive deeper into the characters and their backstories. Denis Villeneuve is developing a new Dune adaptation, and word on the internet is that he has a similar plan for Frank Hubert's world, to use both big screen movies and serialized small screens to tell one epic story. I think this is the future of film, and Anime is perfect to fit into this form. 
    Let's start with DragonBall Z. You start out on the small screen, with Goku landing on earth, and training, and finding out about the DragonBalls, and you get to the start of the world tournament and finish the season with epic martial arts fights on the big screen. In the post-credits scene or end of the movie, you tease that Piccolo is coming by killing Krillin. Next season starts back at the small screen and you see Goku training to fight Piccolo and getting the DragonBalls to wish Krillin back. When the second movie starts, they wish Krillin back, and then a big movie for the big fight between Goku and Piccolo. At the end of the movie you setup the other Saiyans arrival. 
    DragonBall is perfect for this in a lot of ways. Each season of the original show just builds to the next big fight, and the end of every fight sets up the next big fight. Doing this in a live-action remake makes it easier for people who only want to watch the movies. They know who the next villain is going to be, the characters remain the same, and if people want to skip the filler, they can, and the ongoing story will still make sense to them. For the diehard fans, they will get all the backstory they want, plus the epic big screens fights. When I rewatch DragonBall Z now, I skip right to the big fights. Usually Frieza or Goku vs. Cell, which I'm pretty sure Goku could have won, but that's for a different post. I would love it if I could just pop on a movie version of those fights. 
    Another Anime franchise that would be perfect for this style is Full Metal Alchemist. This is my quick pitch. 
    You start with a massive big screen version of the Ishvalan War. Just open the movie with a big open pan of Alchemists blowing a warzone apart. Roy Mustang burning down a whole building. An enemy soldier tries to attack him from behind when Hawkeye takes his head off from a clock tower. Armstrong is at the bottom of the tower fist fighting about 20-ish dudes with no shirt on. Then the Crimson Alchemist jumps in and destroys the rest of the standing buildings with one attack. All around them, the streets are filled with rubble and dead Ishvalan people, including women and children. 
    It cuts over to the tiny Elric brothers playing in a field with their mom as Hohenheim walks off in the background. the whole movie cuts back and forth between the Ishvalan Genocide and the Elric Brother's mom getting sicker and sicker. We get to see Scar's brother die and Scar rip his arm off and reattach it to himself. The more I type about Full Metal, the more a understand that it's SUPER METAL. I would have the movie end with the genocide of a nation and the state Alchemists feeling shitty. Then the final scene in the movie is the brothers trying to bring their mother back to life. 
    After the big opening movie, you could move to the small screen and follow the brothers on their adventures trying to find a philosopher's stone. Do the whole Chimera thing and make the kids cry. Do some Fifth laboratory stuff. Once you get to the murder of Lt. Hughes, you can go back to the big screen. You could make it a whole 70s spy espionage thriller, with the state Alchemist tracking down the killer, Lust,  and the other Homunculi. For a big finale, end with Mustang burning Lust to ash. Maybe have Edwin go through the truth portal too. 
    I'm a little rusty on my Full Metal history, but I think I have made a point, maybe? I also might have just written terrible fanfiction again. I think once someone does this effectively, and it makes all the money, this will be the future of film. Imagine how much money HBO would make on the box office of Game of Thrones Finale being in a movie theater. It probably doesn't have the international reach of Marvel or Star Wars, but it would destroy any domestic box office record. People clearly love these long epic adventure movies/TV with binge-watching culture and the way people show up for every chapter of the MCU film novel. Officially combining small screen and big screen film will be the perfect niche in a massive market. 
    I think the only problem would making cinema this way is the work schedule. Imagine going from shooting a blockbuster movie and then straight into shooting a TV series. The contracts and negotiations to keep ALL the cast and crew together is going to cost a lot of money, and people are going to get burnt out. If you cast the right crew through, it would make all the money.
    And if you remember, earlier on in this thing, I mentioned movies based on video games, and with the exception of the Resident Evil movies, but also including the Resident Evil movies, they have all been shit. For my next trick, I am going to write a video game movie in the style described in here. 

let me know what you think!


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